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The Australian Immigration Department has introduced a family visa in Australia to bring the family together. Here at Visa Empire, we have helped number of clients to reunite with their families in Australia.  Family sponsored visa allows partners, parents, children, and other families to relocate to this country under certain conditions. These visas are basically sponsored by Australians, permanent residents of the country, and eligible New Zealanders. Contact us for all types of family visas, standards, and support. Consult now!

Parent visas are provided to applicants who have eligible children residing in this country as Australian citizens, permanent residents, or New Zealand citizens. This family visa immigration category in Australia is compulsorily sponsored by children residing in that country. Australian parent visas are issued to both working people and the elderly. Applicants immigrating with this visa option can find employment in Australia. Initially, very few parent visas are offered for temporary payments, but can be changed to a permanent type depending on the application. There is a “Contributory Parents Visa” option that provides faster immigration processing but is more expensive. Please note that the Australian Immigration Bureau issues a limited number of parent visas each year. Because of this, you may have a queue for your application, and you may have to wait for your turn. A temporary or permanent partner visa is granted to the de facto partner, spouse or fiancé of an Australian citizen or permanent resident. A parent visa is also granted to parents of a child or children who are living in Australia to give them a chance to stay with their children permanently.


Child Visa:

·         Like parent visas, child visas are issued in several subclasses. In general, child visa sponsorship must be provided by a permanent resident of Australia, a citizen of that country, or a qualified New Zealand citizen.

·         If the children involved are in Australia, they can relocate as permanent residents, dependent children, or relatives of orphans. If the child involved is an offshore candidate, a dependent visa, adoption visa, or orphan relative visa may be applied for.


Other Family Members:

·         Brothers, sisters, dependents, and caregivers can initially move to Australia with a temporary visa but can later change to a permanent visa. These Australian family visas are funded by ii) Permanent resident of the country. And iii) Eligible New Zealand citizens.

·         All applications will be carefully checked and submitted with the correct documentation. The Health Compliance Report and Character Certificate are important documents required for an Australian visa application.


Partner or spouse visa:

·         This class allows spouses or fiancés to migrate and settle in Australia. Candidates migrating to this country with this visa are first allowed to settle temporarily and will continue to be permanent residents a few years later.

·         Partner categories include spouses or married partners. Fiancée or fiancée or partner thinking of getting married. Voluntary partners, including same-sex partners Immigrant candidates must have a partner of the following form: Permanent Resident of Australia Australian Citizens; iii) Eligible New Zealand Citizens.


1.       Partner Visa (Temporary)

·         This is a temporary visa

·          This leads directly to a permanent partner visa

·          Must be in Australia to apply partner visa (subclass 801)

2.       Partner Visa (Permeant)

            ·         This is a permanent visa

            ·         You must have a temporary partner visa (subclass 820).


The Partner (temporary) visa allows you to stay in Australia, while the department of home affairs process your permanent Partner visa (subclass 801) application.


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