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South Australia has announced a detailed list for various occupations which will be eligible to get nomination for SC 190 visa or SC 491 visa starting from 08:00 AM of 08th Feb 2021. Timing of 08:00 AM on 08th FEB might represent lucky number for certain country or community and we all welcome this detailed list from South Australia which will surely help lot of eligible applicants to settle down in Australia.

South Australia is first state who has announced such a huge detailed list contaminating many occupations in different fields starting from business till agriculture till hospitality. So, in general South Australian Migration team has done a great job of sending message out that South Australia is open for all, come and show us your commitment to contribute to economy and society in South Australia in a positive manner and do expect us to look after you and your family as applicable.

Now, with such a detailed occupations list from South Australia, what one can expect if they fall under occupation of a GENERAL ACCOUNTANT. As most of us are aware of, General Accountant has been on 95/100 points since Jan 2020 and been looked as an occupation of high disrespect where students have been suffering badly mentally as well as physically as why did they choose accounting as their career. South Australia has announced some relief for such applicants who are living and/or working in this occupation with in South Australia. Start up point has been shows at 65 points.

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