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 Here at Visa Empire, we give priority to the most vulnerable applicants who are going through difficult phases of life with insecurities and wish to migrate to Australia as a refugee or on asylum. Many of us know that Australia accepts a certain number of refugees and other humanitarian arrivals each year. So, with our utmost priority we cater those who are seeking a refuge visa since the time they start their application with us. With this visa you can stay and live in Australia permanently and can propose a family for permanent residence.


kinds of refugee visas offered by the Australian government:

Refugee visa 200

Refugee visa 201

Refugee visa 203

Refugee visa 204


If you require any assistance regarding any of the above-mentioned visas. Don’t hesitate to reach us here at Visa Empire for further assistance.



There are no visa application charges for this visa as stated by the department of home Affairs Australia.


To find out more, please book a consultation to speak with a Registered Migration Agent today by emailing.

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